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Email Access

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Clients using SquirrelMail: find out where to log in.

For those clients who usually access their email (SquirrelMail) through the webmail login at, you will notice that there is no longer a form avai

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Windows Live Mail POP3 Configuration

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This article describes how to setup your Windows Live Mail 2011 for InVancouver Mail services

Note:  This is for Windows Live Mail and not Windows Mail which replaced Outlook Express and is included in Vista.  Windows Live Mail is a separate download via 

Outlook 2007 POP3 configuration

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Detailed instructions on configuring Outlook 2007 for a POP3 connection with InVancouver servers.

Add a new account to Outlook

Use the Tools menu you to open the Account Settings panel.

Select the Account Settings option from the Tools menu.










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